images_012 Most of you involved in the animal rights movement probably already know about the dismal and horrific plight of moon bears. They are kept in torturous conditions in several countries and are daily subjected to a painful procedure to remove bile, which is then sold in some parts of the world. Some people believe that bear bile has medicinal properties, and although the same active ingredient in bile can be obtained pharmacologically and inexpensively, the barbaric process continues. One of the organizations making tremendous progress in rescuing bears and calling attention to this horror is Animals Asia, founded by Jill Robinson. Animals Asia is working tirelessly to end animal cruelty in Asian countries. Their rescue center has helped many rescued bears recover from the horrendous physical and emotional trauma of being kept in such cruel and deplorable conditions. A link to their facebook page, which also links to their organization’s main page, is provided below. Please visit their site to see the amazing work they are doing. Donations are always needed to help with the costs of advocacy and rescue, but whether through financial support or spreading the word about the awful treatment of these beautiful and sensitive creatures, you can help!

Link: Animals Asia facebook

Photo from Animals Asia website

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