animaltestedCosmetics-makeup391 Good news from the European Union. There will be no more marketing of cosmetics that were tested on animals in the twenty seven countries that comprise the EU. This ban includes not only the finished product, which has been banned since 2004 if tested on animals, but the ingredients as well. And the major difference – the companies involved will not be able to market these products in any of these countries. Of course, some cosmetics manufacturers are already whining about how consumers will not have access to new products because of this ban. Really? So with all of the natural and botanical ingredients already in use, not to mention all the manufactured ingredients that these companies whipped up in their labs which are already in use, they can’t come up with new recipes for new and improved products? What does that say about the creativity of the cosmetics makers? Besides, anyone can walk into any drugstore, grocery store, or natural food store and find a wide variety of creams, lotions, eye colors, lip colors, and anything else that can be put on the body to make it more beautiful, fight aging, or or change its appearance. How many more do we need? No one is telling these companies that they can’t develop new products, only that they have to a) use ingredients already in use b) test potential new ingredients using methods that do not torture, disfigure, maim, or kill defenseless creatures. Cells grown in culture, simulated skin and eye tissue such as EpiDermTMand EipOcularTM(both made by MatTek), and cadaver skin are just a few of the examples of in vitro alternatives to the outdated and cruel in vivo methods. Interestingly enough, the FDA does not require cosmetics to be tested on animals – it is not a legal requirement, although many are under the false impression that it is. Many companies have adopted a no-animal test policy, and their names are available through many lists such as IDA’s. The trend is definitely towards in vitro testing, but this practice needs to come to a hasty end. The U.S is considered to be the world leader in many areas, and China aspires to be much more involved in the global economy. If they want to be taken seriously, they need to LEAD, especially in the areas of technology and manufacturing. They need to show the world that they are not afraid to embrace the newest and best technology and put this barbaric practice into history where it belongs.

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