Several years ago, I briefly published a blog called The Bamboo Forest, in which I shared my views on the relationship between humans and our fellow creatures. After having to step away from that project for a while, I decided to begin anew with a different template and title. “Fluffy,” of course, is but one of the many, a representative of the animals of various species that our society regards as either companions, food, clothing, entertainment, research subjects, or service aides. This website is my effort to add a voice to the very necessary conversation about the issues of ethics, stewardship and what it means to be the most dominant species in a world of animal diversity.

As for me, I have been involved with animal care, rescue, and rights issues for most of my life. I am vegan in diet and lifestyle and have worked for animals in shelters, for non profit issues groups, and as an individual activist. I am by no means impartial on any of these issues and make no attempt to be. When not thinking about the relationships between humans and our fellow creatures (which is often), I can be found working out, spending time with my family, or learning about quilts and quilting. I also blog about vegan fitness at The Weightlifting Herbivore.

It is my sincere hope that this effort, while only a tiny speck in a sea of online blogs, newsletters, and forums, brings some needed dialog on a matter with which we as a species and a society will continue to struggle.

peace to you and to all whom you consider your kin–Linda


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